Get Your Pool Table Moved By An Experienced Professional

Things We Need To Know

To Give You An Accurate Pool Table Moving Quote

What Size Pool Table

We Need To Know If You Have:
A 7 ft. Pool Table
An 8 ft. Pool Table
A 9 Foot Pool Table
Or A Snooker Table

The Name Brand Or Manufacturer

With This Information We Can Tell If You Have A 1 Piece Slate Or The More Common 3 Piece Slate

Will There Be Any Stairs

2 Or 3 Steps Up A Porch Are Not A Factor But Will This Be A 2nd Floor Or Basement Move?

Why Hire A Professional Pool Table Mover

Ensure Your Billiards Table Get Moved Right
Take The Hassle Out Of Moving A Pool Table. Hire A Pro!

A pool table should be fully disassembled before being moved. The sheer weight of a pool table can cause expensive damage to the pool table frame and slate that creates the hard playing surface underneath the pool table felt.

Hiring a local pool table mover with the experience, tools and expertise is the only way to go if you want your pool table to be safely transported and set back up ready to play accurately.

We provinde billiards services such as pool table moving, pool table repair and pool table re-felting. We can also spruce up an older table with new leather pockets.

Proudly proving service to all of Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding cities and towns.

  • Pool Table Moving

    What We Do Best!

  • Pool Table Re-Felt

    Get Your Old Felt Replaced

  • Move To Storage

    Move A Pool Table Into Storage

  • Temporary Storage

    Move A Pool Table Into Another Room While You Remodel

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