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One of the most important things you can do if you own a pool table is hire a pool table mover if you ever need to move it. Even if you only need to move your pool table a short distance it is imperative that it is done properly by a trained professional. A pool table should be taken apart before it is moved, because of the weight. An average home pool table weighs about a thousand pounds. Most pool table are made with a solid construction but even still they cannot stand the weight when being moved around in one piece.

Three Piece Slate

Another reason that a pool table should be taken apart before it is moved is because the slate pieces underneath the felt can be damaged or damage the table frame because they are:

  1. Heavy
  2. Usually in 3 separate pieces (aka 3 piece slate)

The three pieces of slate that make the solid playing surface just beneath the pool table felt are fastened the wooden table frame. The pieces should be individually leveled and perfectly matched up with the other pieces of slate so that the surface feels seamless. Most pool table installers use beeswax as a filler to bridge the small gaps between the slate.


When a pool table is moved it will not be level once it is reassembled and set up at the new location. There are two different ways that the pool table needs to be leveled:

  • Wooden shims will level the slate
  • Rubber shims will level the feet of the table

A precise machinist level will do best when leveling a pool table so that it will play true.

New Felt

When moving a pool table, the felt needs to be removed as part of the procedure. If pool table felt is in good condition it can be reused, but if the felt is worn then this is an ideal time to replace old felt because it is already off of the table. There are many options when it comes to replacing the felt. You can have different quality felt installed, from high quality Simonis cloth to a very economical pool table cloth such as cost friendly Championship felt. You also have a nice variety of colors to choose from.

Other Billiards Upgrades To Consider

When having your pool table moved consider replacing the rails and pockets if they need it. Old leather pockets can be easily replaced while the pool table is apart. Rubber rails can also be replaced. If you notice that the balls are not rebounding of the sides like they used to, it may be a good time to replace those rails.

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